Tardis Liquid Soap Dispenser

by edwin - on March 25th, 2014

tardis-dispenserDoctor Who fans, listen up! If you have ever felt that need to keep on washing your hands simply because the world around you is filthy and full of germs and other kinds of microscopic life that eludes the naked eye, then you might as well go the whole nine yards with your fandom by picking up the $9.99 Tardis Liquid Soap Dispenser.

Yes sir, the name itself says it all – the Tardis Liquid Soap Dispenser is a soap dispenser that comes in the shape of the Tardis that many people have come to know and to love. You might not be able to enjoy time and space travel when you wash your hands, but at least you know you would have stopped the clock for many a jovial bacteria on your hands.

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