Star Wars Stationery Set

by edwin - on March 16th, 2014

star-wars-stationeryThey say that every single one of us has a good book within that is just waiting to be written. However, as an avid Star Wars fan, I am quite sure that many of us out there would have figured out alternate endings to various storylines and characters in the soap opera itself, no? Perhaps it is time to stop imagining things and actually getting started to write them down, and what better way to do so than with the $12.99 Star Wars Stationery Set?

Yes, if you are a high powered executive, then having the Star Wars Stationery Set sitting there on your desk is not going to look all too professional, but what the heck. At least it shows the more “human” side of you, where you chart out the organization’s very own trilogy. This unique Star Wars Stationery Set comes with an awesome R2-D2 pencil case, a Yoda Sticky Pad and Boba Fett Notepad that have 50 sheets each, a Darth Vader Pen, and a Stormtrooper Helmet Pencil Topper.

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