Skull Tidy

by edwin - on March 20th, 2014

skull-tidyI suppose you can more or less tell the mental condition of someone through their home – whether it is neat or in a mess, and the same principle can be applied to one’s work desk (generally speaking) as a microcosm of things. However, it you would like to make it more difficult for others to “read” you, then the £39.99 Skull Tidy would make for the perfect fodder.

The Skull Tidy is the ideal cranial container that can be used to store all of your pocket junk, and it is not made out of real bone, but thankfully, is made from a rugged and hefty plastic. Despite that, it comes with an extremely detailed form factor, that some others might even think that you dug it out for your own use! Hopefully having something like this around your desk would keep busybodies away, especially those who are scared of morbid items.

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