Pillow Fight

by edwin - on March 3rd, 2014

pillow-fightIt is a fight right down to the very end whenever the lights are turned off, as parents expect their little ones to actually go to bed early and retire for the night so that they will be able to rise up early the next morning for a full day over at school. Well, siblings who bicker are nothing new, and since a pillow fight is always fun and hardly anyone gets hurt in the process, why not make things more realistic with the $44.99 Pillow Fight?

It will really add a more literal feel and meaning to it all, where the weapon-shaped Pillow Fight pillows allow one to battle another in the proper manner. Each set will arrive with a brutal looking double-sided Viking axe, a faux-sharp battle sword, mesmerizing nunchakus and a free-flying ninja star. No one is going to get seriously hurt from all of this actually, apart from falling down from the bed after performing a WWE-inspired jump.

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