Old School Desk Notepad

by edwin - on March 29th, 2014

old-school-desk-notepadA notepad is a notepad, right? Absolutely not! Not when you have the $5.99 Old School Desk Notepad around, for sure. This is one interesting way to break the “normal” rules as you deface your desk, as the self-stick notepad is always ready for all of your notes to self, hand-scrawled versions of whatever you fancy. Once you are done, just peel it off, and start anew.

Each sheet would measure 3” x 4”, where each purchase comes with 300 sheets for you to begin with. Go nuts with it, without having to suffer from any of the recriminations. After all, it is not every single day that you get to “vandalize” stuff without having to be responsible for it.

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