Mug Muscles

by edwin - on March 19th, 2014

mugmusclesDon’t you just love the local watering hole? After all, if your sports team loses, you go there to drown your sorrows in your favorite lager. If your team wins, especially in a derby match, then it would be time to celebrate with no expense spared. Either way, the pub owner wins. What happens if you decide to cut back on your outside spending, and want to celebrate at home? That would mean leading an even more sedentary lifestyle, so you might as well get some exercise in while you’re at it.

The $9.99 Mug Muscles makes for a wonderful excuse to drink without worrying about losing your muscle mass, since this remarkable invention combines a perfectly usable beer mug with a gym-quality muscle-building grip exerciser. You can now get wasted and work those biceps at the same time, now how about that?

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