Hug-a-Mug Handprint Mug

by edwin - on March 21st, 2014

hugamugNot all mugs are created equal, that is for sure. After all, it works the same when it comes to cars, houses, and even people. Hence, why should there be a sense of uniformity with mugs? Some of the zanier designs out there would allow you to explore a different side of you, as your mug reflects your personality somewhat. Well, the €11.09 Hug-a-Mug Handprint Mug is certainly something that is very different from what has been seen in the market so far.

The Hug-a-Mug Handprint Mug can be said to be one of the coziest mugs you will ever see in the office, where it can hold a nice hot brew, some piping hot soup or even hot chocolate. You can opt to ‘hug the mug’ without having to run the risk of getting your hands burnt, courtesy of its cleverly manufactured double wall and two perfectly-placed inlaid hand prints. Sweet!

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