Frozen Peas

by edwin - on March 6th, 2014

frozenpeasThere is nothing quite like a refreshing cold drink on a sweltering summer day. An ice cold lemonade sounds just about right, and if you want to bring your drinking experience up to the next level without invoking the use of any spirits or mixers, then the next best thing would be to check out just what kind of ice cubes you can make use of. Forget about the usual square ice cubes, those are passe – how about making use of the £10.00 Frozen Peas Ice Cube Mould instead?

With the Frozen Peas Ice Cube Mould, you are able to make giant ice balls in your home freezer. These spherical ice pieces do have the look of an extra-cool aura around them, and it is said that spherical ice melts 80% slower than cube shaped ice, making sure that your favorite beverage does not get watered down too quickly. Removing it is also fun, since all you need to do is literally squeeze them out from the mould.

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