Fred Idle Hands Salad Servers

by edwin - on March 20th, 2014

fred-idleIt does not take too much effort to toss up a mean salad, that is for sure. After all, there are way too many good recipes online that it can be pretty tough to go through all of them in your lifetime while having the same thing five times. Instead of letting something mundane like salad tossing make preparing your meals a chore, why not introduce some new utensils that would bring back the love of cooking again? This is what the €8.60 Fred Idle Hands Salad Servers is all about.

The Fred Idle Hands Salad Servers are a fun and handy way of serving up your favourite leafy greens. They are made from durable, food-safe plastic, as the hand-shaped servers are free from BPA and PVC. Eat your greens without any worries, that’s for sure!

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