Fish Flask

by edwin - on March 25th, 2014

fish-flaskI am quite sure that drinkers among you would have bandied the phrase “He/she drinks like a fish” so much, that it is hardly in vogue any more. Well, you might want to take things to the next level the next time you go on a fishing outing with your buddies by pulling out the £25.99 Fish Flask from your coat pocket.

The name of the Fish Flask itself is pretty much self-explanatory – it is a flask that comes in the shape of a fish, complete with scales, fins, gills and all, albeit it is capable of storing away just 100ml of your favorite liquor. The twist cap lid ensures that none of the precious liquid within will spill or leak out by accident. In fact, it does not matter if you didn’t catch anything after the whole day, you still have a (fake) fish in your pocket which you can use to drown your sorrows in.

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