Dr. Clip Pelvis Frame

by edwin - on March 2nd, 2014

dr-clipWant to look at your very best? Well, there is always good old exercise, as well as doing your bit by dressing up and spraying cologne or perfume before you actually head outdoors to a social gathering or setting. Having a good posture would also help, but I am not quite sure whether it is worth splurging $75 on the Dr. Clip Pelvis Frame, which has been described as a bone structure correction belt.

It is said you will need to wear this around you for approximately four minutes each day, and all of the rest of the contortions that were caused by poor posture or long hours at your desk will be corrected eventually. This is osteopathic therapy at your convenience, where it ought to place your pelvis back in position the way it should be. What do you think of the Dr. Clip Pelvis Frame?

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