Domo Pizza Cutter

by edwin - on March 7th, 2014

domo-pizza-cutterFood presentation plays an important role at the higher echelons of society, as no matter how tasty a particular dish can be, it would be better if it were to be dished out (pardon the pun) in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. Well, sometimes we just want some comfort food, and that would include pizza – no frills, easy to eat, and delicious. Why not add some spice to your next pizza moments with the $32.99 Domo Pizza Cutter?

After all, “a hungry man is an angry man” can also be applied to Domo. Coming later this month, you can already place a pre-order for the Domo Pizza Cutter, where it would make slicing a pizza almost as much fun as eating it. After all, Domo is always hungry, so it would be best not to get in his way.

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