Designer Handbag iPhone Case

by edwin - on March 24th, 2014

designer-iphone-handbagI suppose for the ladies, they can never have enough of handbags as well as shoes. Men might not be able to “get” this, but such is the fact of life across many cities. Well, the next time your other half has been hankering after you for a new designer handbag, but you have not yet managed to save up the many thousands required to purchase one, perhaps you might allay her request for a while more with the £11.99 Designer Handbag iPhone Case?

Sure, it is not the real deal, but at least it comes with a gold chain wrist-strap and a very satisfying rubbery texture. It is guaranteed to keep your precious iPhone safe from knocks and bumps as it snugly surrounds it, while you choose from a trio of eye-catching colors.

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