Darth Vader shows off his soft side

by edwin - on March 10th, 2014

vaders-princessWho would have thought that the terrifying figure of Darth Vader used to be quite the romantic Jedi who broke plenty of rules along the way, as he eloped with Queen Amidala of Naboo? All that hate had turned him into a dark and twisted character, and one would be left with the question, what would have happened if he had brought up both his twins, Luke and Leia? I supposed this is where Vader’s Little Princess comes in.

Vader’s Little Princess is a statue that shows off Darth Vader himself standing up, while little Princess Leia has cut little hearts out of Darth Vader’s cape. I am quite sure that he would not be too amused with that, and neither would the Emperor. It will be a limited run on just 1,500 units each.

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