Chit Chats Office Stickers

by edwin - on March 31st, 2014

chit-chat-office-stickersAnyone who works in an office environment would surely realize that the water cooler is one of the more popular places to hang around, as that is where most of the gossip happens, whether it involves your co-workers or other companies. Well, if you are one who loves to make small talk, then the $3.99 Chit Chats Office Stickers would be the ideal way to do so without having to actually use up your saliva.

These are low-tack stickers that make cubicle conversation fun, where all you need to do is to stick one on an unwitting coworker’s photo, or perhaps to slip one on your supervisor’s door, and slap one on the back of the employee of the month. After all, work is already stressful enough, so how about some laughter at the office? It is supposed to be the best medicine after all.

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