Camper Van Slippers

by edwin - on March 19th, 2014

camper-van-slippersGoing camping is definitely fun, and it is also a time of bonding and knowing yourself better, especially when you are out there battling the elements alone. Still, if you are traveling in a group or alone, camping can be therapeutic. Walking around when it is cold is not recommended for your feet, which is why having a pair of slippers is essential – so why not go the whole nine yards with the £16.95 Camper Van Slippers?

The Camper Van Slippers come in the shape of the beloved Camper Van, which would definitely go down well with anyone who likes all things retro. Not only that, each pair is so comfortable to wear, you might be loathe to take it off unless necessary! I guess you can also call this the most affordable Volkswagen around in the market!

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