Big Bang Theory Talking Button

by edwin - on March 26th, 2014

bigbangbuttonI am quite sure that if you happen to have a favorite TV series, chances are you would also have a soft spot for one or two of the characters, sometimes taking things further in real life by memorizing all of their favorite lines and spewing these very same lines out in a real life situation as and when it is adequate. Those who love the Big Bang Theory ought to fall head over heels with the $7.99 Big Bang Theory Talking Button.

This is one awesome button that does not share your political views, but rather, it will shout out Big Bang Theory phrases each time that you give it a press. This will definitely be one of the more fun items to have on your office desk, where three famous phrases from Big Bang Theory, including “Bazinga!”, are there for the “pressing”, so to speak.

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