Adventure Time: Finn Sword with Mask

by edwin - on March 31st, 2014

adventure-time-sword-maskThere is nothing quite like having a vivid imagination to make that mind of yours work. Kids are naturals at that, being able to get sucked into a world of fantasy with ease. Well, if you have run out of ideas as to what to wear for your Halloween party later this year, how about going on an adventure with Finn and Jake? This can be done with the $19.99 Adventure Time: Finn Sword with Mask, where the life-size replica happens to measure 24″ in length, looking like the actual “Golden Sword of Battle.”

Apart from that, it also boasts of all the chips and scars in order to prove it’s Finn’s most trustworthy weapon. You can start acting all heroic so that the make believe Land of Ooo will bow in reverence at your feet.

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