Whale Tissue Box Holder

by edwin - on February 21st, 2014

whale-tissue-box-holderWhen it comes to decorating a house, the possibilities are basically endless. After all, each and every single one of us has his or her set of preferences, ranging from color to textile use as well as the furniture arrangement sequence. Having said that, what about the tiny little trinkets as well as accessories that could help spruce up the overall design of your humble pad without breaking the bank?

Sad to say the Whale Tissue Box Holder will cause a small dent in your bank account, although it will definitely be a unique addition to any living room. Retailing for $44 a pop, the Whale Tissue Box Holder will look cute at all times, where depending on how much faux water spray that you would like to see happen, would rely on the amount of tissue pulled out. Do bear in mind that the Whale Tissue Box Holder is handmade, which more or less explains the price tag.

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