War on Errors Rubber

by edwin - on February 28th, 2014

war-on-errorI know that our brave men and women continue to ply the war on terror every single day across various fronts, be it in front of the computer or on a peacekeeping mission at countries where a US passport is looked upon with disdain. Well, school going kids too, have their own wars to wage, especially the battle of exams every single semester. Not only that, since we humans learn from our mistakes, how about attempting to win the war on errors instead? This is what the €7.55 War on Errors Rubber is all about.

The War on Errors Rubber comprises of a full squad of five erasers that come in the form of the traditional toy soldier. Not only that, to add to the nostalgic feel, they will arrive in a shade of green, and has been specially designed to wipe out your mistakes and doodles on the double. All of them feature a base so that you can position them around your desk to stand guard.

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