Toilet paper made out of gold

by edwin - on February 6th, 2014

There are times in life when I really do question the sanity of mankind. On one hand, we have many parts of the world starving, where having three square meals in a single day is considered a luxury, while the rich and famous blow their cash away on something else altogether. Australia, the famous country that is also known as Down Under, has managed to come up with something ostentatious – an actual useable roll of 22-carat-gold toilet paper. Should you feel that each time you defecate, you need to clean your rear end with the epitome of luxury, then this roll of toilet paper made from 22 carat gold is your cup of tea. Each roll is going to cost you somewhere in the region of $1.3 million though, but at least it comes in a luxurious 3-ply configuration.


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