TARDIS Boot Slippers

by edwin - on February 4th, 2014

Are they a pair of boots, or do you call them slippers instead? It is really difficult to come to a conclusion in this relative world, but over here, we will call a spade a spade – hence for $49.99 a pop, you would end up with the TARDIS Boot Slippers. Yes sir, these are boot-style slippers that resemble the TARDIS, coming in faux-suede with embroidered details, not to mention packaged in a TARDIS shoe box that ups the realism factor for your next pair of footwear. Perfect for the resident Doctor Who fan, don’t you think so? There are white, molded outsoles that are made from some sort of foam stuff which will provide traction when it comes to making a late-night raid on the fridge.

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