Storm Trooper Backpack

by edwin - on February 13th, 2014

stormtrooper-backpackStorm Trooper are supposed to be the backbone of the Imperial Army, where Emperor Palpatine controls many star systems and planets with platoons of Storm Troopers acting as his extended “hand”. The thing is, we do wonder how did the galaxy fall under the rule of Palpatine when Storm Trooper is unable to shoot a target to save his life, despite having years of training. Could it be the overwhelming sense of complacency? If you love these inaccurate Storm Troopers, then the $49.99 Storm Trooper Backpack might be the ideal tool to bring around the next time you go out, as it looks utterly cool – for a kid, that is. Bring this to the boardroom for a meeting and you will most probably get chided, either in front of you or behind your back. And that lousy Storm Trooper isn’t even able to shoot back.

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