Star Trek Captain’s Chair Pet Bed

by edwin - on February 19th, 2014

star_trek_captains_chair_dog_bedEveryone loves to be the captain of his or her own soul, but when it comes to animals, some animals think that they’re king of your domain (cats!), while others (such as dogs) would follow your every command. Still, prince or pauper, your pet deserves a nice and comfortable place to sleep on at night (or whenever it feels like taking a nap), which is where the $79.99 Star Trek Captain’s Chair Pet Bed comes in handy. This is the perfect pet bed for Star Trek fans, where it features embroidered controls on the “arm” rests. There is also a zipper on the back that allows you to remove the filling for cleaning, and the entire shebang is made out of polyester, polyester fiber fill, and high-density foam.

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