Shark Bowl

by edwin - on February 19th, 2014

shark-bowlFor those of you who grew up watching the movie “Jaws”, the iconic tune that played in the background as the great white shark prepared to pounce on its unsuspecting victim would surely ring a bell in many people’s memories. While we know for a fact that humans kill sharks needlessly far more than sharks actually attack humans each year, there is still that primal fear within. Well, sharks might indulge in a little bit of feeding frenzy once in a while, but humans – we supposedly have far better table manners, which is why we should chew our food slowly. To slow down voracious eaters among your litter, why not check out the $15.99 Shark Bowl? It looks like any other porcelain bowl until you approach it, seeing the shark make its appearance right in the middle.

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