Pay To Snooze Alarm Clock

by edwin - on February 13th, 2014

banclockI have learned the hard way that the snooze function on the alarm clock is not something which should be depended upon all the time, as there will always been moments when you over-snooze, so to speak, and miss that all important appointment or date. Well, the $41.99 Pay To Snooze Alarm Clock might be the perfect device to help you kick this particular habit! After all, in order to snooze or shut off the alarm, you will first need to insert a coin. Sounds ideal in theory, but folks who actually purchase this will most probably end up with a bowl full of coins right beside the alarm clock in order to shut it the moment it rings. Which defeats the purpose of it all, really. Alternatively, you can always keep it quiet by removing the AA batteries within…

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