Mug Muscles

by edwin - on February 21st, 2014

mug-musclesIf I am not mistaken, one who tends to drink a whole lot of alcohol, especially when it comes to ales and beer, would most probably end up with a beer belly of sorts in due time, assuming food intake remains the same as before, and yet having said person live an extremely sedentary lifestyle. Well, things might just change for the better the next time you hit the pubs with the $19.99 Mug Muscles.

The Mug Muscles boasts of a name which basically says it all – it is one unique looking exercise mug. Wait a minute here, what the heck does a mug and exercise have to do with one another? Well, this unique invention would merge the everyday beer mug alongside a gym-quality muscle-building grip exerciser. Basically, you can drink your favorite beverage while getting wasted simultaneously. Which six pack would you be working on with the Mug Muscles?

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