Inflatable Tongue

by edwin - on February 28th, 2014

inflatable-tongueAh, the tongue. This is one particular group of muscles that makes life worth living. After all, if you are unable to talk or sing even with a fully functional tongue, life would be a whole lot more bland, wouldn’t it? Not only that, take away your ability to taste, and it might get extremely unbearable, especially when you grew up on a steady diet of delicious food. Well, here is a prank that is sure to send some parents scrambling for the imaginary phone number of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. We are talking about the $3.99 Inflatable Tongue, which is a new take on an old-school novelty toy.

This is one extremely realistic tongue which is a snap to inflate – all you need to do is to blow into the pacifier tip, and the tongue will inflate to triple its original size, measuring approximately 6 inches in length. Gene Simmons would definitely approve of this.

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