Half-Life Headcrab Hat

by edwin - on February 27th, 2014

half-life-headcrab-hatThe famous Headcrab from Half-Life is almost as scary as the Facehugger from the Alien franchise, but it does not seem to be as deadly since there is no acid blood to worry about. Still, you might want to relive the good old days with the introduction of the $29.99 Half-Life Headcrab Hat. Forget about lice and hair mites, the Half-Life Headcrab Hat is the biggest parasite to have on your head!

Specially shaped to look like a headcrab from Half-Life 2, and yet remains fashionably stuck on your head, it will not transform you into a mad zombie who is on a rampage, but hopefully none of your drunken mates would go scurrying around for a crowbar and give your head a good whack. That would not be a very nice outcome at all, in fact. Way cooler than the average baseball hat, don’t you think so?

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