Googly Eyes Bag Clip

by edwin - on February 27th, 2014

googly-eye-clipHow many of you actually have snacks that you know require an airtight container in order to have it remain as fresh as possible, but somehow or rather, prefer to just tie up the plastic or roll it up due to laziness? Perhaps it would be better to get a clip while you are at it – the clip might not be airtight at all, but at the very least, it will prevent stuff like roaches and other pesky insects from getting to your snacks. The $2.99 Googly Eyes Bag Clip would go some way in adding a dash of humor to the entire situation.

The Googly Eyes Bag Clip will clip your bags tight, sporting eyes which are really “googly”. Not only that, it makes your half eaten snack look as though it is a distant relative of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, which is a good thing, while giving it a set of eyes would make whoever wants to get to the contents of the bag without your permission feel guilty.

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