Giant Inflatable Rubber Duck

by edwin - on February 8th, 2014

The rubber duck can be said to be a staple fixture in many a bathroom that has a bathtub in it, although it would make for an interesting study if one were to try to figure out the origins of the yellow rubber duckie. Other than the fact that it is cute, aren’t there so many other toys to play with whenever one takes a bath? Why bother with a rubber duck that looks harmless when one could simulate a naval battle instead? Still, if you have too much cash to spare and throw lavish parties with the intention to impress your guests all the time, the $299 Giant Inflatable Rubber Duck does seem to be a decent addition to your zany collection of products. The Giant Inflatable Rubber Duck was so named because he is fully Inflatable and over 6 feet tall. Heck, throw it into a lake and watch it float, too.

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