Fire Ants Candy

by edwin - on February 26th, 2014

fire-ants-candyI suppose kids who love playing outdoors when they were young would have formed plenty of fond memories over the years, but there are also dangers out there which need to be looked into lest something untoward happens along the way. Poisonous snakes abound, not to mention the fact that kids might slide their hands under a rock without realizing that there are scorpion nestling there, ready to sting at a moment’s notice. Oh yeah, fire ants too, are another horror story, especially when they attack in a swarm.

Have a sweet treat and memory with the $3.95 Fire Ants Candy instead, as you resist the urge to eat actual fire ants while gleefully swallowing these fake fire ants like there is no tomorrow. They will also be pleasant in taste and smell, being spicy and yet cinnamon-flavored. Each purchase will feature approximately 34 tasty Fire Ants in the tin container.

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