Dumb-Bell Cutlery

by edwin - on February 26th, 2014

dumbbellNow the $145 Dumb-Bell Cutlery is a good place as any to start going nuts in the dining room. After all, who would have thought that their meal would end up helping them build muscles, or at least get a bit of exercise into the mix instead of just gaining on the pounds? With the Dumb-Bell Cutlery, it will be an interesting purchase for those who are on the active lookout to reduce their weight, but are not ready to stop eating.

Just how heavy are these knives and forks? We are looking at a whopping 1kg each, while the dessert spoon itself tips the scales at 2kg, which is a whole lot actually. Chances are, this will be ornamental and not practical enough to serve guests, let alone your family members.

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