Drum Machine Wallet

by edwin - on February 28th, 2014

drummachine-walletOne’s eyes might be the window to one’s soul, but what do you do when you want to court someone who does not seem to have the same kind of interest as you do, requiring you to enlist some outside help along the way? Music has been known to be able to help move the heart of even the most stone cold person, and what better way to introduce a rhythm into a potential relationship than with the $14.95 Drum Machine Wallet.

After all, it is all about taking the lead in a particular relationship, and the ultra-cool retro Drum Machine Sound Wallet comes in the form of a durable Tyvek wallet, where it is completely covered with the image of a classic electronic drum machine. Opening it up would allow it to play various electronic drum riffs, and when you close it, it ends up silent all over again.

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