Briefcase Cheese Grater

by edwin - on February 6th, 2014

How many of you were impressed by Tony Stark’s briefcase suit in Iron Man 2? Well, here is a unique cheese grater that will definitely have you purring away when you make use of it in the kitchen. It basically tells the world that you mean business, being no ordinary cheese grater since it is a cheese grater with style – and substance, of course. Known as a Briefcase Grater, it is shaped similar to a tiny red briefcase, with a solid design as the handle delivers a sturdy, non-slip grip, while there will be a couple of graters on either side which would allow you to shred cheese finely or in chunks. The best part of it all? The combination of the cheese grater with a measuring cup, where it leaves enough room for up to three cups worth of cheese in between the graters. Umbra is selling this Briefcase Grater for $15 a pop.

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