Star Wars: Storm Trooper Business Card Holder

by edwin - on January 3rd, 2014

There comes a point in a man’s life where one would see one’s identity being defined by what one does for a living, that is, a job. The higher up you climb the corporate ladder, the more perks and with it, perhaps additional respect from those around you. Still, we are all but mortals, and if you were to show the world in a discreet manner just what kind of cruel boss whom you work under, then the $32.99 Star Wars: Storm Trooper Business Card Holder would be the ideal purchase. After all, the Storm Trooper happens to work for the Emperor himself, but more often than not report to a general or Darth Vader, where the latter would send a chill down the spine of anyone. Good thing the Storm Trooper Business Card Holder is a whole lot hardier than the Storm Trooper’s armor itself, being durable and sleek, holding all of your professional information within its large metal bed.

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