Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball

by edwin - on January 1st, 2014

How many of us are extremely efficient when it comes to moving our bowels? That is, we tend to do so in a clockwork manner without having to spend too much time on the porcelain throne to unload the previous day’s food that has been processed and churned by our intestines. Well, some of us might have to sit in for a whole lot longer, since our bowel movements are not all that effective. Instead of spending that time reading a book or the newspaper, how about fooling around with the $19.99 Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball instead? It lets you shoot hoops and practice those cool moves as you wait. The suction cup hoop can be stuck on to anywhere that you’d like, and you can even choose to have it hang off a hook, while the cylinder ball holder will hold a trio of basketballs that are easily accessible. Definitely not the cleanest basketballs around, that I’m sure of.

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