Ninja Mug

by edwin - on January 15th, 2014

Will that be a shogun or two? All right, that was a pretty lame joke, but the £12.99 Ninja Mug is definitely something that you might want to purchase for yourself for a couple of reasons. One, it looks just so darn cute sitting there by your desk, that you would immediately see your stress levels drop simply by looking at it. And as for the other reason, well, it is a mug, so mix your favorite comfort beverage in there and you’re all good to go to meet the day and its challenges that lie ahead of you. Of course, it might also send a subtle signal to the rest of the office that you are a ruthless assassin deep down inside, where a black insulating mask that conceals the mug’s identity is also a representation of yourself as you distance yourself emotionally from your colleagues.

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