Legendary Hero 8-Bit Heart Bouquet

by edwin - on January 27th, 2014

Since Valentine’s Day is about to arrive, and it would be good to prepare a whole lot earlier, don’t you think so? You will be able to do so with a little bit of insight as well as an Internet connection – by picking up the $12.99 Legendary Hero 8-Bit Heart Bouquet, of course. This 3D foam cutout will offer old-school memories, where among them include a fold-out stand that will allow you to display it on a desk or table. This is a pure and exclusive ThinkGeek creation, and it will also celebrate the simplicity of old-school gaming thanks to the presence of the 8-bit Legendary Hero. You can also opt to hang it from the wall, and it has the words, “Be my Player 2” that resonates well with any lady.

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