Firefly Inevitable Betrayal Dinosaurs with Sound

by edwin - on January 12th, 2014

Dinosaurs, the “terrible lizard” of the past are no longer hanging around to haunt us, but this definitely does not mean that they have fallen out of favor with the masses. No sir, most kids are still fascinated by these giants of yore that used to rule and romp across the surface of the earth, as well as have a playful time in the seven seas. Having said that, here is a toy that might just make the inner kid in you hold it back from the little ones whom you purchased it for initially – the $29.99 Firefly Inevitable Betrayal Dinosaurs with Sound! This dinosaur play set lets you recreate the scene from Firefly, where squeezing their torsos would result in a playback of audio from the show. Fret not about whether this is legit or not, they are officially-licensed Firefly merchandise.

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