Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Rack

by edwin - on January 13th, 2014

The TARDIS is one of the most identifiable things about the entire Doctor Who series, and we have already seen a fair number of items which have been released based on the TARDIS design. Well, there is basically no limit to the human imagination, which is where the $44.99 Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Rack comes in handy. This is one shower TARDIS that will not send all of your bathtime stuff to the future or past, but rather, stash them where they are supposed to be. Targeting bathrooms that are smaller on the inside, the Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Rack is perfect for college students, and right now we do know it remains an exclusive ThinkGeek creation. It will be looped over your showerhead, offering more than enough space for your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, razor, and rubber duckie without missing a beat. Oh yeah, did we mention that by virtue of this being a no-tools installation device, it is worth checking out?

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