Bloodpool Pillow

by edwin - on January 14th, 2014

You know for sure that you are going to cause quite a stir as well as a possible scare at the office should you decide to ditch going out during lunch time, and simply to take a nap in that precious hour so that you will be able to catch up on your beauty sleep after a particularly difficult day before that. Thinkgeek has just the thing with the $11.99 Bloodpool Pillow, where a quick glance would be able to let everyone else know not to disturb you – since we should always let the dead rest in peace, should we not? The Bloodpool Pillow gives onlookers the impression that you are bleeding, and it is the ideal tool to let you enjoy a power nap at the desk. Made out of 100% polyester velvet with styro-bead fill, it is going to be extremely comfortable to rest on. Cleaning it is also a snap, where you can spot clean with a damp towel, letting it air dry naturally. It will not take too kindly to a dryer though.

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