Toilet Bowl Lip Gloss

by edwin - on December 17th, 2013

The toilet bowl, or the porcelain throne if you want to get all smug about it, is not one of the most inviting places to have your meal on, or anything remotely close to imprinting your lips on it. I suppose that is why the gross factor is upped with the $1.95 Toilet Bowl Lip Gloss, where it comes in the shape of a toilet bowl, except that it holds fruit flavored lip gloss which has been tastefully packed within. At any point in time when you want to look as seductive as possible, all you need to do is to lift up the toilet seat, swish your finger in the toilet (urgh!) and go ahead and apply some of the quality lip balm to your lips. It might not sit down too well with your mates, but it might win you new admirers along the way, too.

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