Star Wars Endor Speeder Bike Floaty Pen

by edwin - on December 28th, 2013

Who can forget the first time that they saw the Speeder Bike in Star Wars when they were a little kid? The sense of speed as well as awe, and it does lead us to wonder – with such reflexes, surely the Stormtroopers could do better in landing a single laser shot at the rebels down a narrow corridor of the Star Destroyer? Well, the $9.99 Star Wars Endor Speeder Bike Floaty Pen will bring back the thrills and spills of a speeder bike chase through the forests, especially when you tip your pen back and forth, seeing it go in a similar direction, too. Good thing the speeder bike in the pen flies behind the trees instead of toward them, otherwise it would be a pretty fast end to this purchase.

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