Star Trek Communicator Dog Bag Dispenser

by edwin - on December 24th, 2013

Birds fly, fish swim, dogs – well, dogs walk, what else do you expect them to do? Of course, I am very sure that many of us dog owners out there do see our dogs as more than just a pet, but rather, they could very well be a beloved family member. This means spending time with them, and apart from walking, one would also play fetch, or bring them out for a swim at the local beach. The next time you bring your dog with you, why not add a dash of geekiness to the entire experience by carrying around the $14.99 Star Trek Communicator Dog Bag Dispenser? It looks like the original Star Trek communicator, except that this is actually a discreet dog waste bag dispenser, and it is an officially licensed Star Trek: The Original Series merchandise. Each purchase already comes with a roll of bags to get you started. Have you ever wondered why there are no service animals in the distant Star Trek future?

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