Squeaky Clean Screen Mouse

by edwin - on December 6th, 2013

When it comes to video games, you know that one can actually get so engrossed in them, that you start to lose your sense of time. In fact, I have played video games throughout the entire night, skipping my sleep, and surviving on Coke as well as pizza alone as my sustenance. This has, of course, led to an extremely greasy controller for the PSOne back in the day, but there is nothing some soapy water cannot wash off! These days, with touchscreen devices being found just about everywhere, avid gamers might just end up spreading grease all over their portable device’s display. Enter the $12.79 Squeaky Clean Screen Mouse, where it comes in a cute mouse design that has an underbelly which will be able to remove fingerprints from your display without scratching the surface. Best of all is, it is machine washable.

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