Pillow Rock Band

by edwin - on December 22nd, 2013

When you were growing up, did you ever aspire to be a rock star? You know, the one who has plenty of money, gets mobbed everywhere you go, not to mention being able finding it no trouble or difficulty at all when it comes finding friends to give you a place to bunk over for the night. Going solo is one thing, but being in a rock band, trashing hotel rooms and such, is another experience altogether. You can start the soft-core way with the $39.99 Pillow Rock Band, where it turns your bed into a stage as you trash it out with one another. A full on pillow fight can now be a re-enactment of some crazy guitarists smashing their guitars all over the place, now how about that? Each set comes with three pillows, including a red guitar, a yellow guitar, and a microphone.

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