Killer Bunny Slippers

by edwin - on December 10th, 2013

Aren’t bunnies supposed to be cute like all get out, that you cannot bear the thought of eating them? Hey, don’t recoil in disgust, rabbit meat that has been skewered is a delicacy in places like Malaysia and Indonesia, especially when it is dipped in honey-sweet peanut sauce. Well, there are also some bunnies which are notorious, such as in the Sam & Max series, and today, the £24.99 Killer Bunny Slippers would ensure that no monsters underneath your bed would dare come near you, especially when this pair of slippers feature gaping jaws that flap around, boasting of a nasty set of pearly whites that look all too ready to bite into a juicy monster’s hand. This is an officially licensed Monty Python merchandise just in case you were wondering.

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