Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters

by edwin - on December 17th, 2013

The classic literature known as Kama Sutra is definitely not something that you would like your little ones to read and master, that is for sure! Hence, if you love baking cookies for family and friends, make sure that there are no kids around the kitchen whenever you use the £17.99 Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters to churn out a collection of banging biscuits, literally. Your oven will be transformed into a hot and raunchy sex dungeon, where the Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters will comprise of a quartet of sexy and playful positions, making it ideal for those romantic nights out as well as at swingers parties. ‘Tuffin the Muffin,’ ‘Baking from behind,’ ‘Over baking it’ and ‘Very well risen’ happen to be the names for each of those positions depicted by the cookie cutters, just in case you thought that you could come up with a new name.

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