Here Kitty Cat Paw Doorstop

by edwin - on December 2nd, 2013

I would like to think that this world is a very inclusive one, but apparently, that is not the case. Some folks do not mind having cats and dogs around, while others feel that they have to choose a side, and only one. Depending on where your allegiance lies, the $10.49 Here Kitty Cat Paw Doorstop might be something that is worth checking out. After all, cats do seem to be creatures that are unable to make up their minds. For instance, when you keep the door open, some do not want to go out, but resent you for letting that draft in, while others find it to be a golden opportunity to dart outside and dance among the lilies. With the Here Kitty Cat Paw Doorstop, you can prop up any door perfectly, and it is made out of silicone rubber without any cats being harmed in the process.

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